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'vacation-denmark' is a new site intended to serve international visitors to Denmark. The site's purpose is to disseminate highly useful facts and information regarding holidays in Denmark.

The site must be easy to use, simple and focused. Sites that do not contribute these qualities to 'vacation-denmark' will not be accepted for submission. Unfortunately, this means that sites without sufficient relevance or informational content will not be accepted for listing on the 'vacation-denmark' site. Decisions regarding acceptance, rejection and deletion of web sites lie solely with the webmaster.

Please ensure that your site meets the requirements listed below before submitting it for approval:

  • Do not submit mirror sites (e.g. sites with exactly the same or similar content as the main site, but with a different URL). Submission of mirror sites will lead to the immediate deletion of all web sites with identical or similar content from the 'vacation-denmark' site.
  • Do not submit a site with a URL that just redirects the user to another URL.
  • Do not submit sites with illegal content, pornographic content or other forms of frivolous content that do not reflect the 'vacation-denmark' topic: information on holidays in Denmark.
  • Do not submit 'under construction' sites. Wait until the site is completely finished.
  • Only submit sites with working links and graphics throughout.
  • Submit only English-language sites.
  • Do not submit sites that exclusively or primarily consist of links.
  • Sites carrying holiday home rentals must link back to our site. Other types of sites may also be required to link back to our site. In such case the webmaster will contact you.

Submission and listing are free of charge.

Decisions regarding listing acceptance, rejection and deletion of web sites that do not meet requirements lie solely with the webmaster.

Choose the best possible category for your site. If you cannot find a certain category you can suggest that the webmaster establish it on the site. Send the webmaster an email with your suggestion including name, placement, title, description and the URL of the site you wish to be included in the new category.

Use the 'Add a link' function in the directory category and fill out the form. For the title you have a maximum of 75 characters and for the site description a maximum of 500 characters. The title and description should be informative and non-commercial. Sites that do not meet these requirements will be rejected and you will be informed by the webmaster.

The webmaster will check your site upon submission. If your site is accepted it will be listed within 8 days.

If your site cannot be accepted for listing as submitted, the webmaster will either reject it or change the title/description. In both cases you will be contacted by the webmaster.

If your site has been listed but you are not happy with the category it has been placed in, or the description of the site, you may contact the webmaster by email (webmaster@vacation-denmark.co.uk) with your suggestions. The webmaster makes all decisions regarding site updates and changes.

You may find our requirements tough, but the sole point is to achieve a high level of usefulness for foreign visitors who wish to holiday in Denmark.


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