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Around Denmark

Denmark is a very popular place to enjoy a holiday, and it is obvious why. The sea is always very near, and the many small islands are very attractive for guests who want a quiet holiday time.

The North Sea attracts everyone. It is not easily described. You must see it. Be in it. Feel it. The greatness of the nature when it is violent with the big storms sending huge wawes to the beach, and when the surface of the sea is nearly carm and your eyes seek to the horizon very far away. It is far away from the daily life where you have to keep up with the various doings alle the time. Here you sole will relax and you will have time to think in quite other directions than you usually do.

All the way along the North Sea and Denmark you will find broad white beaches with sand. The sand in the water is fine, too. The beach is very suitable for adults as well as for children. Fun with the sand, playing ball, enjoying the sun on the beach or in the dunes, if the wind is heavy. You may also simply enjoy a long walk on the beach and get home to the house where you may relax feeling the frish air on your skin.

In the northern Jutland - to the west - you will find the same wonderfull white beaches as along the rest of the west coast. Along the east coast you will find very fine sand beaches too, but not quite as broad. To the west the most popular sites are Vorupør, Blokhus, Løkken, and Lønstrup. Løkken is most suitable for young people, whilst the other areas are best for families.
To the east you wull find these wonderfull sand beaches with more secure bathing possibilities for children because of the carm water and a sandy bottom that doesn´t get too deep too quickly. From Skagen to Frederikshavn you will find such a beautifull area.

All the way along the east cost of Jutland you will find an excellent holiday home in Denmark for families with small children because of the water and fine beaches nearly everywhere. The children will only very seldom tumble because of large waves, and the bottom of the water is not being deep too quickly.

Funen is the island of small beautifull and old villages with a very varied nature. When you get away from the motorway you must slow down because of the winding roads - especially in the southern part of Funen. Guests who choose Funen for their holiday like the cosiness and the very fine nature - and of course to be near to the sea anywhere one goes.

Guests who choose Zealand as the favorit holiday area are not only there to enjoy the tranquillity of the holiday time but also to visit the major attraction, exhibitions etc. in Copenhagen. At least everyone must visit and have fun in the most famous place of the main capital, Tivoli. In Copenhagen you may find Amalienborg too, the court of H.R.H Queen Margrethe II.

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